Practice Update - 23rd February 2022

We are still awaiting further guidance on what the updated covid rules mean for the the GP surgery. Until we have further information we would appreciate if patients can continue to do the following.


  • Wear a mask or visor
  • Keep your social distance
  • Arrive no longer than 5 minutes before your appointment time
  • Avoid attending if you are known or suspected to have Covid


This way we can keep all our patients safe including those who cannot be vaccinated or whose immune systems are weaker.

Pre-bookable appointments continue to be available with all GPs and can be booked as a face to face or telephone consultation depending on patient preference. The current wait time for pre-bookable appointments is about 10 days. 

You can arrange a routine appointment with a GP  over the phone or by completing an online consultation (eConsult) through our website. If you are ringing for a routine appointment please ring after 10AM when our phone lines are quieter.

If you require an urgent consultation please continue to ring at 8AM in the morning when our phone lines open. Demand for urgent appointments remains high. Urgent consultation can also be face to face or by telephone. You will be asked to describe the nature of your problem and may be offered a telephone appointment first if we feel you may have symptoms of an active covid infection.


23rd February 2022