How do I make an appointment?


0151 317 8550


NHS app / myGP app


Patient access

What type of appointments are available?

e - Consult

Online consult with a reply by text or telephone

face to Face Consult

Anything which you feel would need the doctor to examine you

Telephone Consult

Use your phone to speak with your doctor remotely

Video Consult

Use your mobile or tablet to see and speak with your doctor remotely

What is eConsult

Routine Consultations

Our doctors work over five days, Monday to Friday. Some doctors do not consult every day and this can impact on the receptionist’s ability to meet your request for an appointment on a specific day or time of day. Our Reception team will always aim to offer you an appointment with the clinician of your choice or an alternative if this isn’t possible


We offer appointments which are available to book up to 28 days in advance, as well as appointments which are “book on the day”. We offer face to face consultations, as well as telephone consultations. Telephone appointments are often more suitable, if your issue does not require an examination. If however, the doctor feels they still need to see you, they will arrange this with you when they speak to you.


Our telephone lines open at 8.00 am to start booking appointments. You can also book appointments in person at Reception, or online. If you would like to book online the best way to do this is using the NHS app. You can speak to any of our Reception team to set this up. Once you are registered, you can follow the links through our website.

Urgent Appointments

If there are no appointments available on the day, our receptionists will ask you if you feel your health problem is urgent or an emergency. They will ask you this so you can genuinely assess whether you can wait till the next routine appointment. Our staff are seeking your guidance as they are not clinical nor able to triage your symptoms.

Home Visits

Urgent home visit requests  must be made by  telephone and received by 12:00.  A doctor will normally ring you prior to the visit.


Home visits are available for patients who are registered with the practice as being housebound. If you are able to leave the house for any reason such as for hospital appointments we would expect you to attend the practice. 


Home visits will not be undertaken for social/transport reasons.


We try to run to our appointment schedule which offers 10 minutes of routine consultation time. Sometimes, patients’ needs are greater and more complex so take longer. Unfortunately, this means doctors can run late and your appointment is delayed. The self check in system will usually tell you whether there is any delay and receptionists will frequently announce any problems, but if you are kept waiting longer than 10 minutes and are not sure why then please do speak to the receptionist.


If you will not be able to attend your appointment, we ask that you let us know so that we can offer it to someone else.

Text Reminder Service

We now have an SMS appointment reminder service. If you have given us permission and your mobile phone number, you will receive a text message 24 hours before your appointment. It is important that the mobile phone number you give us is yours only and not a shared mobile for family use. This is to avoid the text reminder being seen by someone other than the patient.